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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Chamois Time - Sugar Bottom TT

Yay! We finally got to have our Chamois Time mountain bike time trial. It only took a couple reschedules due to soggy trails, but it turned out perfect. The trails were ripping fast and Todd, Robin, and Jean (hope I'm not leaving anyone out!) put together an excellent course on the north side trails. They even threw in a few black trails for the Women's A and Men's A and kept the course for the Women's B & Men's B novice friendly.

The most exciting part of the evening was Ingrid doing her very first mountain bike race!! Go Ing!

Ingrid hitting the trails! Photo by Ben Cottington
The other excellent part of the evening was the fact that I actually felt decent on the bike *huge sigh of relief.* I was of course super nervous about my fitness after the East Village Crit disaster and was needing a little boost of confidence. Granted, it was a short TT, but I'll take any good feeling I can get at this point!

I love this photo :) Photo credit to Ben Cottington
And looking through photos of the event, I think everyone had a good time. Mountain biking seems to put a smile on everyone's face. If you didn't make it out for this race, make sure to try out the Sugar Bottom Scramble coming up in about a week! AND don't forget that we still have a Chamois Time 'cross race in the works and a gravel race yet to come!

Mari starting the TT with a huge smile. Photo by Ben Cottington

Jean showing off her guns! Photo by Ben Cottington

Also love this photo of Sandy! Photo by Ben Cottington

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