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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Bobbers Cross

I've been having a good start to my cross season and was hopping to keep up the momentum at Bobbers. Unfortunately my lack of riding in the few weeks leading up to the race showed and I blew up with 2 laps to go - two days a week just does not cut it. But considering my lack of riding, I was happy to still get third, behind Britt and Alijah!

The race started very well and I took the lead going into the first turn. I had a good remount after the root section (which I need to learn how to ride!) and led for a short while longer. I was just waiting for Britt to pass and sure enough she came around once we got to an open section. I tried to stick with her and was feeling pretty good.

First lap chasing behind Britt - Photo by Kevin McConnell
Britt gained some distance on me, but I tried to keep her in sight. I was also well aware of those chasing close behind me, which kept my motivation up. I could tell my little bit of running was paying off on the short run up section of the course, which made me really happy. I was actually running, ha!

One of the earlier laps of me riding the sand. Photo by Kevin McConnell
A few twists and turns later and I made it to the sand. I picked a bad line and fell further back from Britt going into the 2nd lap. After another lap or two (I can't remember how many we ended up doing) I really sucked it up in the sand and had a really slow remount because I thought my chain fell off - it hadn't. I finally saw the two laps to go lap card.

At this point I was struggling big time! I don't even know what I did going over the root section, but managed to punch myself in the stomach with my saddle. I about doubled over and really had a hard time going again. I cannot believe how much that hurt. I have to imagine its similar to a guy getting hit in the nuts.

My face says it all. Photo by Angy Snoop
Between my not so stellar performance in the sand and the little root section incident, Alijah was within seconds of catching me. I barely had anything left and she came around on the backside of the course. I tried to keep up with her, to prevent falling further back in the placings. That lap and a half were so tough for me, but I made it!

I was a little disappointed that I couldn't hold onto 2nd place, but I wasn't really surprised. I been feeling a little out of shape, and if you couldn't already tell by how long it took me to write this post, I've also been feeling a little on the lazy side. The colder weather does a number on me, if only I lived somewhere warmer to entice me outside!

At least this race was a nice kick in the pants to get me working harder on the bike again! There is still Devil's Cross, three days of Jingle Cross and State Cross to go. Feel free to encourage me out on rides with you :)

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