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Thursday, December 12, 2013

State Championship Cross

Last year we really lucked out and had temps somewhere in the 40’s. Unfortunately, that luck did not continue this year and it was around 10 degrees during our race! I made sure to layer up, wearing two pairs of tights, a dri fit, and thermal top under my skinsuit. I also put on a fleece lined jersey over top and wore neoprene shoe covers, hat, neck gator, and swix ski gloves. My mobility wasn’t that great, but hey, at least I was warm…kind of.
The officials all bundled up! Photo by
Natalie Rekemeyer
I had just a mediocre start, having trouble getting clipped in, but kept with the group up the start/finish climb and to the first set of barriers. I remounted on my bike and was promptly cut off by another racer who had a bad remount and jutted diagonally across the course and directly in front of me. I had to stop to prevent from running into her or being run into the tape. I fell behind the group and was immediately kicking myself for not having a better start and avoiding this mishap.

I stayed the same distance behind the main group (Robin and Brittany had broken ahead quickly) until I ate it going over the barriers (3rd lap?), tripping and landing on my knees. I really am the picture of grace sometimes ;) I dropped a little further behind the group but tried to keep up a decent pace.
Thank you Natalie Rekemeyer for braving the cold to take photos!
With about a lap and a half left the sun went away and I got really cold. I was very much motived to kick it in gear so I could finish and get back in the warm building!! As soon as I crossed the line, I turned and went directly to the building, no need for a cool down, ha!

I finally got my toes and fingers thawed out and went back out into the cold for the podiums. The Iowa City Cycling Club ladies had a great race!

Iowa Championship Medals:

Brittany McConnell – 1st (Cat 2.)
Robin Williams – 2nd (Cat 2.)
Vanessa Curtis – 1st (Cat. 3)
Alijah Beatty – 3rd (Cat. 3)
Emily Robnett – 4th (Cat. 3)
Cara Hamann 5th (Cat. 3)

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