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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Sugar Bottom Scramble

I got to line up with Amanda Miller – holy cow that was awesome!!  She rides for TIBCO/To the Top women's professional road cycling team. I was pretty intimidated at the start, also lining up next to Kim Eppen and Brittany McConnell- these girls are fast!

Pro Women Line Up
Photo by Angy Snoop
Needless to say, the women’s field was stacked with super strong and talented ladies. The competition was at least as tough as a WORS race, which is pretty sweet for a local Iowa race.
The start of the race took us down a gravel road and up a decent gravel climb. I was able to enter the single track 6th – not great, but not bad either. The 5th place girl was not far ahead and I tried to chase her down. My legs were feeling terribly flat – I was immediately regretting last weekend’s SS USA race
Before long the leaders of the men’s comp class were catching up (they were only leaving a 1 minute gap between groups). About half way through the south side trails I could hear a group of the guys yelling at each other and was glad they were still behind me, for now.
I would have to say, a lot of the guys at this race were the worst about passing all season! Let me start by saying, if you are one of the first guys, contending for podium positions, I will gladly be more than accommodating at letting you pass. If you are mid pack, I’m not going to completely pull off the trail and/or stop to let you by, that is just ridiculous. If you want to pass, you are going to have to give a little effort to go around. I’ll move to the side of the trail, but not off it. And if you don’t take the effort to pass me on a double track section, I’m not going to give room as soon as we hit the singletrack. This may sound snarky, but I’m still racing for a podium position. And please don’t pass me, just to slow down in front of me. I’m girl and ahead of you, get over it!
Ok, sorry for the rant! I talked with several girls after the race and a lot of them had the same problem.  Not sure what a good solution would be, except to maybe have a larger gap between categories…
Back to the race! I entered the single track in 6th and ended up finishing in 6th place. It was so hot and humid that I was happy to just finish. ICORR put on a fabulous race and the trails here are fantastic. (Warning, I may be little biased as these are my home trails :)).  But really, they are great trails to ride!
There was a huge turnout of Iowa City Cycling Club & Mercy/Specialized Riders. It was a fantastic day of racing and spending time with friends. And huge thanks to Ben & Ingrid for hosting everyone for dinner afterwards!
Let’s just say, that after racing for the 6th time this month (20th race of the year!), I think I’ll take it a little easier this week. I started off by passing out at 9:30 Monday night and getting a solid 9 hours of sleep. That.felt.wonderful. I think I’ll volunteer for the last Chamois Time race this Wednesday. Now to finish up those series trophies! 
Happy Riding!!

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