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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Mountain Bike Monday/Monday Night Gal Ride

For the Gal Ride this Monday we traded in our road bikes in favor of mountain bikes and hit the trails at Sugar Bottom.
Monday night rides are beginner friendly, no drop rides lead by members of the Iowa City Women’s Cycling Club and other members of the area biking community. I like to throw some mountain bike rides in the mix when I lead (we usually stick to road, or gravel in the fall). If you are a gal and are interested in riding with us or even just thinking about riding with us, follow the link below to sign up for our weekly Gal Ride Email list. It will also keep you in loop on any special events!
I promise you will have fun if you are thinking about joining us on Monday Nights! There have been quite a few ladies who were pretty nervous about trying out the ride, and once they came out they realized there is nothing scary about it. We are all pretty friendly and laid back :)
We had a great group of girls ready to practice some mountain biking skills. We all had separate areas of the trail that we wanted to work on or were scared of, so we would stop and take our time to work on them (no pressure if you didn’t want to try something!).  It was fantastic to be able to watch other girls tackle an obstacle that I was afraid of, and then work up the courage to try it out myself. 
I finally tried to ride the logs after watching Sandy, and
then Cara go over them without a problem!
Going back down the hill to try again...and again!
We practiced rocky climbs (Rockslide), super steep uphills (Cyclocross hill – left & right side), log skinnies, drop offs (Foundations), and a sharp uphill/downhill turn with roots. I think we all learned how to do something new! There were many shrieks, smiles, laughs, and yells of encouragement. I wish every Monday was a Mountain Bike Monday!

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