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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Battle of Camrock

I love racing in Wisconsin – WORS always does a fantastic job of putting on races and there is always a huge turnout in the women’s fields! This was my first race as a Cat 1, allowing me to race with the elite women (a little intimidating!).  It was nice to see the familiar faces of April, Evie, and my teammate Darcy at the start line though. I love getting to know the other racers, they are always so nice! I was super excited to be racing with so many talented women, and just psyched to be in the same race with some pros! 

The course was pretty brutal, with a ton of climbing, but still so much fun.  The race started out with a long, steep climb which sapped my energy immediately and put me towards the back of the field. Next time I might try warming up a little longer and see if that helps for the start. I definitely struggled for most of first lap, but luckily felt re-energized for the 2nd and 3rd laps. Thank you Robin Williams for the water hand-ups! I was able to catch up to and pass a couple other ladies and was actually feeling pretty good.  I was happy to be able to clear some steep, rocky climbs in the middle of the course and had a blast on the “Rip and Ride” (?) section of the course.  At one point I had a guy riding behind me in a technical section who said he was impressed with my riding and was going to tell his young daughters that there was a girl beating him ;) Nothing feels better in the middle of hard race than a nice compliment!  

WORS Mountain Bike Race
 Photo © Race Director TJ Harron

I felt like I had a strong finish and climbed the uphill switchbacks to finish 8th out of 13 starters. I even got to stand on top of the podium for age group! I of course was happy, but I always wish I could have done a little better, especially at the start. It will give me some extra motivation to work harder for my next race!

The Iowa City Cycling Club and other Iowa City racers made quite the appearance at the Battle of CamRock – awesome racing everyone!

Darcy Sanford – 10th Elite Women
Kevin McConnell – 3rd Elite Men
Aaron Robnett – 16th Elite Men
Andy Peterson – 2nd Open Singlespeed
Jeff Dullard – 7th Open Clydesdale
Todd Gillihan – 14th Comp Men
Ben Anderson – 21st Comp Men
Geoff Perrill – 34th Comp Men
Kyle Williams – 74th Comp Men
Mike Rundell – 63rd Sport Men

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